Hyper Wave

The Hyper Wave is used to predict reversals in trend.

Main Length

You can adjust the "Main Length" of the Hyper Wave in the oscillator settings. The lower the number, the higher the frequency (the more trades/reversals), a lower number is recommended for day traders / scalpers.

The higher you set the main length, the less trades/reversals you will see through the oscillator, this is more recommended for swing traders / longer term day traders.

Signal Type

You can select whether you would like the signals to be based off of a simple moving average (SMA) or an exponential moving average (EMA).

The Signal parameter simply allows to adjust the smoothness of the Hyper Wave line, the higher the number the smoother the line will be, thus filtering out more false reversal signals.

Divergence Sensibility

Adjusting this parameter will affect the amount of divergences which are plotted on your oscillator.

The lower the number, the more divergences which are shown, the higher the number the less divergences are shown.

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